Out-of-the-box view template
We have 100+ built-in data monitoring templates to meet the needs of various monitoring scene. Infrastructure, middleware, Kubernetes, applications, dial-test, cloud environment, etc. are all covered, no need to build them manually, easily realize all kinds of scenarios.
Custom visualization tools
- Flexible scenario layouts, rich charting options and pull-and-drop interaction make it easy to manage and build your own/team's dashboard, find a more efficient way to display each piece of data, optimise the efficiency of data monitoring on the big screen and get a clear view of system performance.

- The custom explorer is extended with a log format, breaking the inherent default style of the explorer and enriching the explorer solution to meet the data viewing needs of different customers.
Easy-to-use chart query
- Metrics, logs, traces, infrastructure, network, security, APM, RUM, security, etc., with unified query support across sources of data.

- Fast query design, diverse input styles (simple query, expression query, DQL query) and auxiliary functions (alias, unit conversion, lock time, custom time interval, correlation links, JSON sharing, etc.) to adapt to high data volume, multi-dimensional and dynamically refreshed data presentation scenarios.
Graphic notes to help programmers solve problems
Visual charts with text descriptions support you to analyse retention anomalies in conjunction with data in the workspace and member notes to efficiently retrace, locate and resolve problems.
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